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Expertise to Solve Your Technology Challenges

As businesses are disrupted and the digitisation of industries continues apace, gyfon has a simple mission to help you understand where you want to be and how to get there.

Our Services

As customer demands endless increase you need to be able to continuously improve to succeed against your peers. You
need the right strategy, the right plan and the right people to get you there.

Cloud & Technology Strategy

Our extensive experience and independant viewpoint helps you understand where you are, where your business needs you to be and how to get there; in concrete, executable steps.

Cyber Security
Consultancy & Advisory

Our security consulting practice has developed a robust but practical framework. We take the time to review, develop and implement cost-effective security for your organisation.

Engineering, Build &

We build the secure, scalable, cost-effective cloud platforms you need on AWS and Azure (or both), with the right things in place you can focus on what's important to your business.

Our Services

Ready to find out more?

Talk is as they say, cheap. If you're ready to find out how gyfon can help you achieve results, contact us and try us out.


We'll conduct a free assessment across one of our service areas, see how you're doing, what you feel you're missing and see if we can provide insights that help you move forward.

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